Even One Like Her: A Short Story

“Come and see the man who told me everything I’ve ever done…”

She walked a lonely road, water jug hoisted on her shoulder, that Samaritan woman. During the heat of the day she made the trek, her solitary trek, to the village well. Only when certain the others had returned to their own homes did she venture out. They didn’t welcome her company. No more than she, knowing they despised her, cared for theirs. 

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Eggs in Purgatory

This simple, down-home meal is so good – and one of our family favorites!

Recipes have returned! I used to post recipes/Italian food weekly, which I stopped for various reasons. But since readers loved them, I’ve decided to give them a comeback. Hope you enjoy them and Buon Appetito!

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Even Animals Speak Italian!

Did you know animals can even speak foreign languages? (Whoever said they were “dumb,” anyway?)

Ask any child what the chicken says and he or she is sure to say “Cluck, cluck.” Unless of course, that child happens to speak another language. For you see, animals speak different languages, depending on where they live!

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Is It Courage – Or Strength?

When deep inside we may feel like fraidy cats…

In light of my post yesterday on vaccine mandates, some comments caused me to reflect. Comments showing support and prayers for courage and peace, for which I’m so grateful! But also applauding our courage, and those made me pause.

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It’s An Ill Wind: Vaccine Mandates

But it’s an ill wind that blows no good…

Winter is usually brief in our area, no matter what the calendar says. We get more rain than snow. Most years the cold doesn’t start until January and starts to wane by the end of February. This year it decided to blow in with a vengeance, with temps below average and extra strong winds. Which of course makes it seem even colder.

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The Coming of Mr. Pemberton: A Christmas Tale

I surely never expected the evening to end as it did…

Everyone wondered, and no one knew. Knew who Mr. Pemberton was, that is. Oh, they all knew of the Pemberton family. The older residents, at least. The crotchety old man who used to throw things at them as kids. And just for passing his house! Not because they’d stolen his apples or anything. They never dared to!

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Italy’s Land of Narnia

Narni: the real-life Italian town that inspired Narnia!

We have great fun asking kids, “Did we ever tell you about the day we went to Narnia?” Their wide-eyed astonishment is usually followed by, “Ha ha, think you can fool me?” But it’s true! We visited Narnia, right here in Italy!

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Bringing Christ Back into Christmas

Three lessons from Mary and Joseph on preparing our hearts to truly celebrate Christ this holiday season.

It starts earlier and earlier every year, the hype and commercialism. Christmas stuff and Halloween gore side-by-side in stores. Ads, articles, commercials and movies all conspiring, seemingly, to make us think we’re missing out on the perfect Christmas. 

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