You Might Be Italian If…

Ever wondered if you might possibly have Italian roots somewhere in your family? Sometimes you can tell by your last name. But if you’re not sure, try this humorous test to discover if you are Italian, or at least Italian at heart!

Are you Italian?

You just might be Italian, or have Italian roots, if…

1. Meals must have 3 courses.

If you think any meal with less than three courses seems like a mere snack, you might be Italian. A real meal, after all, should include a first course (primo) and a second course (secondo) with side dishes. Followed by fruit and/or dessert (dolce). And must always end with coffee. Formal meals are also preceded by the antipasto.

2. Meals must have pasta.

Any meal, especially the main meal, must have pasta, or at least a nice risotto or pizza! While you know Italy doesn’t have a national dish, pasta is top on your list. Because you know that all true Italians eat it every day, if not twice. It’s simply inconceivable to do otherwise.

3. You hate poorly prepared food.

To you cooking is an art, and as with all art forms, it deserves to be done with finesse and the best of ingredients.

4. Meals are a social event

You hate eating alone because food should always be accompanied by the laughter and conversation of good company. And never rushed. You think nothing of spending 2-3 hours around the dinner table!

5. You must speak with your hands.

You find it hard to speak without moving your hands. Your hands, body, and facial expressions all become quite animated when you talk. A shrug of the shoulders, raised eyebrows, and hands always waving about. After all, how else can you make yourself understood?

6. You speak loudly.

You often shout when talking. So much so that others wonder if you’re deaf! But you mostly yell because you must. In your family everyone talks all at once. But you, like most Italians, are not deaf, although intent perhaps on making others so! 😉 And probably not mad or arguing, you’re just a passionate person!

7. You are affectionate.

You have an affectionate, romantic soul. And enjoy expressing it with flowers, chocolates, hugs, kisses on both cheeks, and other signs of affection.

8. You savor slow living.

You prefer a slow, laid-back life. Not that you mind working, but you know there’s more to life than that. So you thrive on siestas and relaxing with friends and family. And love coffee breaks, especially having espresso or cappuccino with friends!

9. Chaos is normal to you.

Chaos seems normal to you. Things in Italy are often poorly organized and difficult to use, because that laid back attitude carries over into the business world. Lines are long and tedious (because nothing works well). So you feel compelled to push and fight to get your place in line, on the bus, or whatever information you need. You’re also used to everyone talking at once, and you thrive on it.

10. You have real style.

You enjoy dressing well and have a refined sense of style. For you it’s unthinkable of stepping outside without the proper makeup, hairstyle, and clothing. Perfectly matching, always stylish.

11. Family is important.

Family is extremely important to you. And only extreme necessity would ever make you think of living far from your loved ones. Or not spending every Sunday and holiday with them.

12. You cringe at Mafia jokes.

Because the Mafia is a real problem in Italy. And one you’re not proud of.

13. You’re proud of being Italian.

You’re proud of being Italian or of Italian descent. And feel that not only Italian food and fashion is the best in the world. But also that Italian musicians, composers, artists, and singers are the best. Justifiably so, for there has been some truth to it! And the heart of every true Italian says:

You may have the universe if I may have Italy.

Giuseppe Verdi

So if you’re Italian and proud of it share this proof with your friends!!

Image credits: Wine glass | Spaghetti | Others are mine.

Published by Signora Sheila

Wife, mom, nonna, missionary, and Bible student on a spiritual walk with Christ @mycammino. Because life is at heart a spiritual journey of going further up and further in, into the Father heart of God.

8 thoughts on “You Might Be Italian If…

    1. Yes, I can imagine that Cynthia. We’ve known a few Jamacians and did see the cultural similarities. Both peoples seem to a natural zest and zeal for life – and food! Glad you enjoyed it!!


    1. To be honest, I tick quite a few of them as well, apart from the fashion one especially! Maybe I’ll become a naturalised Italian one day! 😀


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