Oh, to be Color Blind… [Lockdown News]

No, I’m not actually wishing to be color blind. (That would be crazy.) My husband really is color blind and it doesn’t seem like much fun. Not dangerous, or risky for health, or anything like that.

Unless you count traffic lights and working as an air traffic controller – which he wanted to do but was disqualified. Traffic lights, well they can be a bit tricky at times. But don’t worry, he has a system worked out. And presents no public risk, at least not in that area. 😉

However, if color blindness would make all our Covid color zones disappear, it would be worth becoming color blind. But alas, since even that wouldn’t help, I’d rather keep living in my colorful world!

Humor for a tough situation

I’m just trying to add some humor to what is becoming a more and more unbearable situation. Not only because all the restrictions are heavy. But because the loss of personal freedoms, increased censorship, and the transformation of western nations into police states are all alarming occurrences. Once upon a time (in a more sane world) draconian measures such as we are seeing were limited to dictatorships. Which doesn’t speak highly of present western conditions.

But mostly because so many people are terrified of the virus – even though the survival rate has constantly remained at about 98%. Business closures and cases of depression and suicide are on the rise. Our church has a food bank ministry, and the number of people who are struggling to put food on the table is heartbreaking.

And because of watching friends go under because of their businesses remaining closed for over a year. After pouring a lifetime of work into their restaurants or businesses.

Red light, Green light

Meanwhile our government, rather than vamp up the medical system, keeps playing Red Light, Green Light. Also known as Statues, this simple game was fun in childhood, but not so great for adults who need to work.

I’m not arguing against health care or protection. But a health crisis can ultimately be solved only by better health care. Italy has been making health spending cuts since the 1980s, and little has changed since the onset of Covid. Not enough ICU beds they say – yet don’t deal with the problem.

So we keep playing Red Light, Green Light – except that green never seems to turn up. Right now most of Italy is in the most restricted red zone, with a few regions in orange. Yellow has disappeared until at least after Easter. And white (our green zone) – seems like the impossible dream. It’s only seen the light of day once for a brief spell in Sardegna.

Not so bad this time

Here in Abruzzo, we’re in orange, so things aren’t as bad for us this time around.

Allowed during 1st lockdownAllowed this time (in orange zone)
No going out except for food, work, medicalGoing about town between 5AM – 10PM (for food, work, medical only)
Grocery and health servicesGrocery and health services
News stands and telecommunicationsNews stands and telecommunications
Fuel and utility providersFuel and utility providers
Hardware storesHardware stores
Banks and insuranceBanks and insurance
Funeral servicesFuneral services
Laundry servicesLaundry services
A few factoriesAll factories
Bus and train services – for work/medical onlyBus and train services – for work/medical only
Dog walking – around dwelling onlyWalking, running, exercise – in own town only
Only 2 family members/car, one in back seatOnly family members/car – or 2 masked people
Up to 2 people can visit friends and family (1 outing/day)
Bars and restaurants – takeout or delivery only
All stores (limiting numbers) + outdoor markets
Hair stylists and barbers
Scholastic instrruction 1 on 1
Religious services – worship, weddings, funerals (limited numbers)
A special provision for small towns like ours (<5000 people)!
We can travel up to 30 km (19 miles) for shopping and visiting.
Going to a 2nd home (and returning from it)

The last 4 items on what we can now do is great news for us because

  • We greatly missed going to church during the 1st lockdown
  • Being able to go to nearby towns means we don’t have to shop at convenience stores, like the 1st time
  • And we can go to visit friends
  • Hubby is getting in more work hours (during the 1st lockdown his school was unprepared and he had no work)
  • We can visit our 2nd home

A trip!

So we’ll be going to our 2nd home over Easter. We haven’t checked on it since last summer. But best of all the trip will be a nice change – and bring a new sense of freedom!

In the long run (at least as long as we remain in orange zone), the situation is a bit better this time. And as always, we keep trying to focus on our blessings – which are many – in spite of all the negatives around us. We’ll keep counting our blessings, looking up, and remembering that even in times like these, God is always good.

Image credits: Traffic light | Paint brushes | Closed sign.

Author: Signora Sheila

American born, Italian at heart. In Italy 30+ years. I'm glad you're here and hope you'll join my journey!

4 thoughts on “Oh, to be Color Blind… [Lockdown News]”

  1. The draconian measures do feel harsh; they are a bit reminiscent of “1984”. I asked my kids if any of them have ever read Orwell’s book–it’s no longer part of our school curriculum. We’re losing the option of reading books that have been around for decades with our cancel culture. Dr. Seuess comes to mind. But reacting to problems instead of responding with help and hope doesn’t seem the answer either. I am glad you got to go to your second home, though!


  2. I am so sorry you’re still so limited in the activities you can enjoy, Sheila, but greatly appreciate your positive attitude nonetheless. The situation is improving here, but you’ve correctly observed that some dictatorial leaders have taken advantage of the situation. They’re now reluctant to give up the power they’ve wielded during the pandemic. It may take many unified voices to rise up and reverse this distressing trend. I pray God grants us wisdom, courage, and REVIVAL!


    1. Yes, those are what we need, Nancy! It also helps knowing that nothing happens unless God allows it, and he has all this under control. He is working out his will, as always. And no one can ever take away our freedom in him!


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