When to Start a New Chapter

Moving on is part of life. Yet I must admit that I don’t always know when to move with it. In my recent post Embracing Life’s Winter, I touched a bit on that. Because now that Hubby is semi-retired, it seems that I’ve come to a turning point.

So I’ve been trying to decide just what I should be doing and what God is asking of me in this time. Is it time to turn the page so that can I fully embrace all that this new chapter might bring?

Turning the page

Some new and exciting opportunities have come my way, like a free online Bible school and free online creative writing courses. But also with hubby working less, we’re traveling more, I’m more involved in church, visits, and just out and about more. And consequently struggling a bit to keep up with it all.

But I’ve also felt frustrated with the Christian blogging niche. Did you know that according to some estimates over 100,000 Christian blogs exist? Although I imagine the number is actually much higher than that.

That makes my voice like a tiny drop in the ocean. Likely all that can be said on those topics has already been said and repeated. Plus most, if not all, interaction on my blog is with fellow believers. Which I don’t mind, but it’s a bit like preaching to the choir. And I’m not sure God wants me doing that.

Teaching biblical truths is a tremendous responsibility. It requires careful preparation to ensure we don’t thwart them with our own interpretations or imagination, and inadvertently lead someone astray.

I feel I can longer dedicate the necessary time to that on a regular basis. So I’ve decided to stick to my personal life and Italy, sharing my faith as it pertains to my journey. I am, after all, the only one who can bring those perspectives to the table!

(Although I may occasionally share what I learn in Bible school at my new site, created just for my Bible study and Christian living posts. Check them out at My Word Walk.)

Signs that it could be time for a new chapter.

But how can we know when it’s time to start a new chapter? For me the most important things are Bible reading and seeking to know the will of God. But I’ve also learned through the years that sometimes circumstances and how situations are affecting us can signal that it’s time to close out one chapter and begin another.

12 signs that it could be time to move on

  1. Doors are either opening or closing.
  2. Something in your life has reached its natural end.
  3. You struggle to keep up.
  4. You’re feeling stuck or stagnant.
  5. It seems you’re going round in fruitless circles.
  6. You feel restless or stifled.
  7. You feel like you’re living in the past.
  8. You’ve lost joy or passion for what you’re doing.
  9. You feel dissatisfied and ready for something new.
  10. You realize you’re not really living your life.
  11. You no longer like what you’re doing.
  12. New opportunities, interests, or passions have presented themselves.

And last of all, once you’ve realized it’s time to turn the page, don’t feel badly about it. God is often involved in door closings. And one thing is certain, he’ll be with you in your new life chapter and in all those yet to come. He is writing them has a purpose in each and every one of them.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven…

Ecclesiastes 3:1 WEB

Image credits: Leaves, clock.

Author: Signora Sheila

American born, Italian at heart. In Italy 30+ years. I'm glad you're here and hope you'll join my journey!

8 thoughts on “When to Start a New Chapter”

  1. As a believer and fellow-blogger, I am encouraged by what you share. My favorite reads are those in which you share how God is working in and around you. I go through seasons where I have time to read and write a lot, and times when I barely have time to touch the computer (I’ve been in one of those the past few months). I hope you know, You are a blessing.


    1. Thank you so much, Linda! It’s so nice to know that I may have made a tiny difference! And I can say the same about you. I wonder, in fact, how you keep up with all that you!! I know what mean about going through periods with little time – and then others where time seems to abound. I guess I just have to get better at going with the flow. Life is more than blogging, after all!


  2. Wonderful advice, Sheila! I wish your list had been in my hands years ago when the first two signs came into play: a door was closing and something in my life was reaching its natural end. I could have embraced the changes more enthusiastically with your insights in mind! In addition, your closing paragraph includes so much encouragement. I can see in retrospect the truth of every sentence!


    1. Thanks SO much, Nancy. It’s funny how we often only really see things in retrospect. But then, it can be hard to see clearly while we’re going through things, when everything can seem a whirl. All we can do is trust that the Lord will continue to guide us in turning the pages at the right time, and with the right spirit!


    1. That’s great, my friend!! I know this is a difficult and challenging time for you. The chapter closing you’re going through has to be one of life’s hardest. But I’m so glad to see that you’re finding courage to see what good things the Lord surely has in store for you. He is so good, even when life seems to be falling apart. 🙏


  3. I applaud your courage, my friend, to move forward with the adventure the Lord has for you. 100,000 Christian blogs? Who would have thought it possible? But may I say your small drop in the ocean of life has been and will continue to be significant. You are a woman of faith and faithfulness, and I’m delighted to have gotten the chance to know you through this venue. As Dorie would say, “Keep on swimming!” (Finding Nemo–I love kids’ movies!)


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