About Me

Ciao from Italy, I’m Signora Sheila
An old-fashioned, somewhat zany, espresso-powered, blogging homemaker in her 60s. Happily married to my own Super Mario. Mom of two, and nonna of 9 grandkids. I love writing, learning, Bible study, old movies, and reading in bed.

I live in two, Italian hilltowns. My main town nestles among Abruzzo’s rolling green hills, between snow-capped peaks and the Adriatic sea. And my summer village lies in the rugged, isolated mountains of the Salerno province, in Campania.

My Story

We set out for Italy with hardly anything. Just two kids and eight suitcases. No support base, no income or money in the bank, no property or assets, and very little cash.

We’ve moved over 50 times, north to south and east to west, mostly in Italy. And lived in some pretty strange dwellings – a tent, a tarantula-infested camper (shudder), and an old chicken coop that was so cozy the chickens kept returning!

We’ve gone without, been abundantly blessed, and learned countless lessons along the way. But have most of all we have discovered that God has been, and continues to be good and faithful every step of the way!

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