About My Bible Times Posts

As you read these posts, please keep in mind that I am neither a Bible expert, nor a historian. I would call myself a scholar, in the sense that my longing to know and understand the Bible pushes to me to learn more. But I have no formal training in these fields.

However, I do spend extensive time researching these posts, in an effort to make them accurate, interesting, and informative.

Because I glean information from so many sources, I find it nearly impossible to reference them in each post. So I have formulated a list of the main sites I use in my research. If you share my desire to delve into the scenes behind Scripture and learn from them, check out these great resources!

Where I do much of my research:

I may add to this list from time, as I find more great resources. But really these are more than enough to give a good overview of whatever subject we may study!

Enjoy and happy learning!

Image by David Padfield from FreeBibleImages.org; CC-BY-NC.