Lessons on Surrender from Mount Moriah

Moriah, which means chosen by God, was where God had his temple built, for it was a place special and holy to him. It was also where he sent King David to make sacrifice after his sin of taking census (1 Chronicles 21). Such a little thing, counting the people. But it showed his reliance on military might instead of God. Which angered God and caused him to send a plague.

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The Old Aunty’s Kerchief And the Power of Love

I can picture her still so old and frail, hobbling up the steep hill leaning on her pair of homemade walking sticks. “What do you have there Zia (Aunty)?” my husband asked, pointing to the open-mesh bag on her kerchief-covered head. While I just gaped, wondering how many other nasty things she’d carried on that seldom-washed, dirty headscarf! 

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Donald Duck Day in Italy [Video]

Happy Donald Duck Day from Italy! Yes, I know what you’re thinking – another one of those weird holidays. 🙄 Sorry, they just seem to get the best of me! But this one actually commemorates something. His Italian début in The Wise Little Hen on June 9, 1934!

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Come Take a Trip With Us {and Hidden Blessings}

June for us is a busy month. Hubby is busy finishing up his English classes. While I scurry about getting ready for our summer travels, as we usually visit and catch up with friends and churches. We’ll be traveling quite a bit this summer too, as usual. And I really wish you could join us!

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Who Needs the church?

“Who needs the church?” As pastors we heard that question often, albeit in various forms. And people had many reasons for quitting the church; a trend that seems to have grown during lockdowns. Even now as lockdowns are easing, I’ve read articles declaring in-person meetings unneccessary.

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Planning a Blog Schedule That Really Works

If you’re like me, you’ve tried blogging schedules and they haven’t worked for you. I find that frustrating because I’m a firm believer in the adage “failing to plan is planning to fail.” So I’m giving it another shot, and think that maybe this time I’ve got a winner!

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Simple Living for Retirement

Retirement anymore seems just around the corner for us. Yikes! And because of certain life-style choices we’ve made, we’re starting to think they will be interesting years, to say the least. Not that we’ll be alone. It’s fairly common for folks to find themselves in reduced circumstances during retirement years. 

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Keeping Interruptions Out

When my mom and a friend visited some years ago, I played tour guide around Italy. Rome, Venice, and the usual tourist areas. And they loved it all. But we have friends all over, so we also traipsed the smaller towns and villages. And staying in people’s homes, they saw The Real Italy! 

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