Tell Me More: 7 Tips on Sharing Your Faith

Italy’s public medicine is a big blessing to us! Without it we would have at times had to go without medical care. We appreciate having good care and treatment at no or low out-of-pocket costs. But it’s always been our family dottori that we most value. 

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Breaking Bread and Standing Together

Be it the English Sally Lunn, Germany’s Pretzels, France’s Crepes, the Tortillas of Mexico, the Kulich of Russia, the Kouloras of Greece, or the Hebrew Challah, bread is the staff of life in many cultures. Which is why breaking bread signifies friendship, unity, and hospitality. 

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12 Ways to Make House Guests Feel Special

We’ve lived fun and adventure, traveled the globe, learned words in many languages, and learned to embrace different cultures! And on a shoestring budget, staying right at home! “How is that possible?” you ask. Through the hearts of our guests sharing the love they have for their homeland, or their passion for things like painting, making balsamic vinegar, or cooking.

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God Comes Softly: Built in Silence

God’s temple was a peculiar building from start to finish. It was the Lord’s own house, planned, directed, and modeled by him. King Solomon built this first earthly building for God, totally dedicated and devoted to his honor. Which granted it a special sort of beauty. 

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Why I Became a Minimalist, as a Christian

Why I became a minimalist is a question I often get asked. And it’s not always easy to explain, particularly to those who’ve never heard of minimalism. Or when I tell them that it all came about because of a bottle of vinegar! 

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Italian Worm Cheese and Culture Shock

We have a saying in Italian. Non c’è niente di nuovo sotto il sole. (There is nothing new under the sun.) And yes, I know it’s from the Bible. But I also know that King Solomon, who wrote that, didn’t live in a foreign land. Otherwise, I wonder if he might not have changed it to: “There is something new under the sun. Every day, and in countless ways!” 

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Face the Long Hard Road With Joy and Integrity!

The road often seems long and hard, doesn’t it? And not understanding why, we start to grumble and complain. (Come on, please tell me I’m not the only one!) We forget that life in Christ is a journey in which God calls us to keep going further up and further in with him.

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A Virtual Visit of Rome’s Museums [Video]

I’ve got good news for you today! You can travel this year, even if you can’t get any further than your own doorstep! Come visit Rome through these great interactive virtual tours of Rome’s Civic Museums – the Capitoline!

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