Keeping Interruptions Out

When my mom and a friend visited some years ago, I played tour guide around Italy. Rome, Venice, and the usual tourist areas. And they loved it all. But we have friends all over, so we also traipsed the smaller towns and villages. And staying in people’s homes, they saw The Real Italy! 

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Find Joy in the Simple Things

Tips for missionaries (and people everywhere).

The fire didn’t heat better out of the fireplace. All it really did was create more smoke! Though no one would ever convince the dear, stubborn, old man of that! Yet we fondly remember those simple evenings of reading by the fire in my father-in-law’s home as some of the most cozy and delightful evenings of our lives, even with the choking smoke and burning eyes!

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Keep Running the Race

In looking back over the past year and a half, I’d like to ask you a question. How has it treated you? It was tough worldwide with all the sickness, natural disasters, crime, and violence. And perhaps you, like many, faced great difficulty like unemployment, the loss of a loved one, or severe health issues. 

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Like a Queen: Treating Enemies Like Royalty

No taller than a 10-year old, with a sly and suspicious gleam to her eye, she played the part of the proverbial evil landlady with me, while sweet as honey around Hubby. The other residents, also hostile, seemed amiable by comparison. And the dark, dank apartment revealed a miserly streak as well. 

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7 Tools for Breaking Through Anger

Do you know the tale of The Little Engine That Could? The little train in that children’s story discovered he could do anything by first convincing himself that he could. So he went around continually repeating, “I think I can, I think I can…” 

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Tradition and Cultural Adaptation

Adapting to different cultures is usually difficult, and many times perplexing and mind boggling. Take Italy’s standard greeting of kissing both cheeks. It’s really not as standard as you may think. Because usually people here just sort of touch cheeks and kiss the air. And furthermore, cheek kissing is often considered inappropriate in many business or formal settings.

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Life’s Turning Points

That day, as always, a large crowd gathered around the young rabbi, new on the scene. Amazed at his wonderful teaching, they sought him out wherever he went. And now that news of his miracles had spread, the throng pressed against him even more, nearly backing him into the Sea of Galilee. So Jesus, boarding Simon Peter’s boat, requested, “Row out a little way from the shore.” 

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