Come Celebrate the Dark Ages [Video]

Have you ever wondered what Medieval life was like, or wished you could live back then? Well you can, by attending one of Italy’s Medieval festivals, during the Medieval series from April through October.  A special time to experience the Middle Ages at its best!

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The Journey of Growth Takes Change

Every journey requires change. A change of place, of motion, of position. It takes leaving, surrender, and a leap into the unknown. So a few people (like me) relish change, but more seem to actually fear or dread it. Which is understandable. Jumping off cliffs, so to speak, can be scary!

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Pharaoh’s Idol {Egypt’s Deep Blue River}

The sky was rosy with the rising sun as Pharaoh and his court went out to the Nile for morning washing and worship where he found Moses and Aaron waiting for him. “Go out,” God had told Moses, “and wait beside the Nile for the king. Tell him to let my people go into the desert to worship me.” 

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Schedule Some Simplicity

Do you have a hard time sticking to schedules? Or do you feel as though you’re always busy, yet never accomplishing much? I sure do, and working at home makes it even more difficult. So I’ve longed for a schedule, system, or something that would be simple enough to remember and implement, yet effective. And I do believe I’ve found it, so without further ado I present my plan for scheduling simplicity!

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When Opportunity Knocks {Bible School}

You may have noticed I’ve been somewhat MIA here lately. Well, that’s because opportunity knocked – and kept on knocking! I’ve gone back to school (yes, at my age)! And because it’s been years decades since I’ve taken any formal training I’m finding it a bit challenging to say the least!

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