7 Tools for Breaking Through Anger

Do you know the tale of The Little Engine That Could? The little train in that children’s story discovered he could do anything by first convincing himself that he could. So he went around continually repeating, “I think I can, I think I can…” 

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Tradition and Cultural Adaptation

Adapting to different cultures is usually difficult, and many times perplexing and mind boggling. Take Italy’s standard greeting of kissing both cheeks. It’s really not as standard as you may think. Because usually people here just sort of touch cheeks and kiss the air. And furthermore, cheek kissing is often considered inappropriate in many business or formal settings.

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Our Towns: Where is Home?

Our Towns is really our Tale of Two Houses. Ah, the complex fascination of expat life (challenging, frustrating, but so blessed)! In fact, new acquaintances often ask, “So where are you from?” Our response? “Um, have you got an easier question?”

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Schedule Some Simplicity

Do you have a hard time sticking to schedules? Or feel that you’re always busy without accomplishing much? I do and have long wanted a schedule or system that’s simple to implement, yet effective. And I do believe I’ve found it! So without further ado I present my plan for scheduling simplicity!

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