Pharaoh’s Idol {Egypt’s Deep Blue River}

The sky was rosy with the rising sun as Pharaoh and his court went out to the Nile for morning washing and worship where he found Moses and Aaron waiting for him. “Go out,” God had told Moses, “and wait beside the Nile for the king. Tell him to let my people go into the desertContinue reading “Pharaoh’s Idol {Egypt’s Deep Blue River}”

Bible Occupations: Service-Related

Most service-related occupations were carried out in the marketplace. An important place in the life of Oriental communities for conducting business, and more. As we learned in other posts of this series, the marketplace also served as a gathering place, a type of employment office, and even as a preliminary courthouse.

Bible Occupations: The Market Place

As we have already learned in this series, the occupations and tasks carried out by men and women were many and varied. And we also learned that because many trades were a mix of cottage industry and manufacturing on a larger scale, the home and field section tends to cross over with jobs in theContinue reading “Bible Occupations: The Market Place”

Galilee in the Time of Christ

Galilee, a name well-known and much loved by many around the world. But in Christ’s time, the rabbis and religious leaders looked on Galilee with disdain. They viewed Judea proper, with its traditional lore and academic excellence, as far superior. The Galileans, they felt, were nothing but hot-headed country bumpkins.

What Then Shall I Do With Jesus?

It is the last day of our Lord’s earthly life. He has just spent a night of anguish. In distress over leaving his disciples, anguish of soul over what he must face. Betrayed, denied, and abandoned by his disciples. Arrest, maltreatment, and mockery from the Jewish authorities.

A Shepherd’s Life in Bible Times

Shepherding is one of man’s oldest occupations, second only to gardening and farming. Abel was the first in the Bible to keep sheep. But the first mention of a nomadic herdsman came later in Genesis chapter 4 with Jabal: the father of those who live in tents and have lifestock. Afterward, nomadic stock keeping quicklyContinue reading “A Shepherd’s Life in Bible Times”