Jews and Gentiles in the Time of Christ

When Christ appeared on the scene, it was during a time of hatred, factions, and divisions. Judaism was split into three factions: the middle class Pharisees, rich aristocratic Sadducees, and the Essenes who had taken vows of poverty. All three disliked each other and looked down on the Galileans, whom they viewed as uneducated country people. 

The Religious Climate in Christ’s Time

Rabbis in Christ’s time used the following saying to express their disdain of Galilee. They proudly viewed Judea, with its traditional lore and religious academies, as far superior to Israel’s northern regions. And they could find no words strong enough to express their arrogant dislike of their northern Galilean cousins, from Nazareth in particular. 

Highways in Bible Times

Even before the times of the kings, carriage roads existed in Israel, including the king’s highway, a toll road for public use, (Numbers 20:17). All roads leading to the cities of refuge, according to the Hebrew Talmud, had to be well-maintained, 48 feet wide, and equipped with bridges and signposts marking the way.