Travel with Just a Carry On

Why exhaust yourself dragging too much stuff along? Regain freedom by traveling with just one carry-on!

Seeing how travel restrictions are easing in some places (and because we’ll soon be departing too) I’m dusting off my travel skills. Which means I’m pleased to present what I’ve discovered about carry-on travel!

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Planning a Blog Schedule That Really Works

Discover how a blog schedule can benefit both you and your readers…

If you’re like me, you’ve tried blogging schedules and they haven’t worked. I always found this frustrating because I firmly believe that “failing to plan is planning to fail.” So I’m giving it another shot, and think that maybe this time I’ve got a winner!

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Simple Living for Retirement

Retirement years often bring reduced income, energy, and strength. These 3 simple steps can help you prepare for them…

Retirement anymore seems just around the corner for us. Yikes! And because of certain life-style choices we’ve made, we’re starting to think they will be interesting years, to say the least. Not that we’ll be alone. It’s fairly common for folks to find themselves in reduced circumstances during retirement years. 

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5 Steps to Reclaim Your Life From the Internet

Because there’s so much more to life than keeping up with social media, subscriptions, blogging, and all the rest…

Have you ever had any epiphany moments in your life? Those aha! moments, that make you sit up and take notice? I have, and one came to me recently. 

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Making Posts Printer Friendly [Video]

Have you tried printing your posts, using the WordPress standard print sharing service? I have, and didn’t care much for the outcome. Or perhaps you’re wondering, “Why would I (or anyone else) want to print my posts?”

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Two Months Without Internet

Think you couldn’t go two months without internet? Just think of all you’re missing out on by not unplugging…

Could you handle two months without internet?

Long ago (or so it seems) in pre-Covid days, we would spend most of the summer visiting friends and churches or down in our summer home. And most of the time without internet, going without for even two months!

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History Anyone? Absolutely! [Video]

If you’re a history buff like me, you’ll love Absolute History’s Youtube channel! They offer fun and informative videos which present history in an entertaining way. Not only do they recount Britian’s history, covering the Tudor, Stuart, and Victorian eras, but much more. Including world history from the Ancient World, through the Middle Ages, and right into modern history.

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Ten Ways to Beat the Blues

Storms and difficulties of all kinds and sizes come our way. From simple gray spells or times of discouragement, to life’s big storms and even pandemics. And they can really start to get us down. A lot of life’s problems are extremely serious, like this COVID-19 that is currently afflicting the world. And it can be really difficult to not worry.

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Blog With Purpose, Not Obligation

Have you ever written a blog post that starts out apologizing for not blogging in a while? I haven’t, but the thought had crossed my mind! Until I read a post about Blogging without Obligation. The author basically brought out the fact that no one should have to apologize for how often they post. An intriguing thought. And one that helped me rethink blogging, and the expectations that come with it.

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