Tradition and Cultural Adaptation

Adapting to different cultures is usually difficult, and many times perplexing and mind boggling. Take Italy’s standard greeting of kissing both cheeks. It’s really not as standard as you may think. Because usually people here just sort of touch cheeks and kiss the air. And furthermore, cheek kissing is often considered inappropriate in many business or formal settings.

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Italian Towns: A Journey Into the Past

Going around Italian villages is like a journey into the past. Another time, another way of life. Everything speaks of times gone by. From narrow cobblestoned streets, to ancient buildings. With the ever-present scent of wood smoke, transporting the mind to slower days. When entire families gathered round the fire, chestnuts roasting and wine glasses toasting. Secure and safe, like squirrels in their winter’s nest.

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Italian Without Words [Video]

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And I believe it’s true. But here in Italy a gesture is also worth a thousand words! Because Italy has a second (unofficial) language – hand gestures, and there are dozens of them!

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Where Thrift Reigns: The Italian Village of Thrift

Do you rush out to buy new or have you learned the art of making do? My husband’s hometown is a village where thrift reigns. The people there have long been used to making do. The current trend toward simplicity and frugality is so normal for them, they would ask “Is there any other way?” 

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Italy’s Mud Volcanoes [Video]

Mud volcanoes, or mud domes, are pseudo volcanoes, as they are cold, do not produce lava and are not necessarily driven by magmatic activity. They are found in various parts of Italy and in most parts of the world including Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Various types exist and some are even artificial.

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