Harvest Time in Italy

Autumn in Italy! Grape harvest and wine making, olive gathering, and oil pressing. Ah, this is autumn in Italy! And right in our own garden, at that! Hubby harvests our olives — the time-honored way. Hand-picked, one-by-one. He probably wouldn’t want to try it with a hundred trees, but with our two it’s not tooContinue reading “Harvest Time in Italy”

The Italian Autumn: What to Expect

Leaves crackling underfoot. Wood smoke wafting on the air. Squashes and apples. Chestnut roasting. There’s a cozy feeling to Autumn, isn’t there? And these are just a few of the things you can expect to find in an Italian autumn. But best of all is the grape harvest and olive picking, two of Italy’s most specialContinue reading “The Italian Autumn: What to Expect”