Cookie and Privacy Policy

(The Fine Print)


What are Cookies?
Cookies are small harmless text files or ID tags a website places on your computer or device when you visit it. They cannot be traced to your personal identity, read your hard-drive, or cause viruses.

What Cookies do:
Cookies help you: navigate efficiently between pages, store your preferences, and generally improve your experience here. They make the interaction between you and this website faster and easier.

You can decline or control Cookies:
Learn how at All About Cookies. However, if you decide to refuse or decline cookies some parts of this website may not function properly.

Types of cookies used here:
Session cookies: track your movement here and make navigation more fast and efficient.
Persistent cookies: remember your information & settings on future visits for easier, faster access. 
1st-party cookies may include: analytics data collection, and submission of subscription, contact, or comment forms.
3rd-party cookies: Automatic (Akismet, Jetpack);; Embedded videos; Social media platforms.


What personal data might I collect?
I collect your data when you submit it through a comment, contact, or subscription form. This could include: your name, email address, and website URL.

I do not share data:
I never share, trade, or sell your data, except to law enforcement when required to do so. 

Retention of personal data:
Your personal data may be retained indefinitely. Or until you invoke your GDPR right to be forgotten and request removal or updating. Please contact me for further information.

Personal data and children:
I do not knowingly collect personal data from children under 13.
Changes to this Cookie & Privacy Policy:
I may change this policy from time to time. Please check regularly for updates. For questions regarding this policy, please contact me.
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