Cookie and Privacy Policy

I am committed to protecting your data and privacy, and I am also committed to protecting children.

  • This website is aimed at a general audience, not children.
  • You must be over 12 to use my submission forms.
  • I do not knowingly collect personal data from anyone under 13.
  • Parents and guardians, please supervise your child’s internet use.

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I collect two types of Data:

1. Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small harmless text files or ID tags a website places on your computer or device when you visit it. They cannot be traced to your personal identity, read your hard-drive, or cause viruses.

You can control or decline cookies.

Learn how at All About Cookies.

What 6 types of cookies does this website employ and what are they used for?

1) Strictly necessary cookies, which allow this website to perform its basic functions, including enabling registered users to authenticate.
2) Functionality cookies, which store user preferences and keep track of their movements on the website, where they left off, their registered login, preferences, and other customization functions such as account name, language, and location.
3) Security cookies, that help identify and prevent potential security risks.
4) Analytics and performance cookies, that collect information on how users interact with the website, pages visited, etc.
5) Third party or embedded content, which may also set cookies and use them to track your online activity. These include social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter (through the use of sharing buttons) or embedded content from services such as Youtube and Vimeo. I have no direct control over the information that is collected by these cookies.
6) WordPress and partner cookies, WordPress and their partners also set cookies for commenting and subscription purposes, etc. (Learn more by reading the WordPress cookie policy.)

2. Personally-Identifiable Information (PII)

What is PII?

PII is data which could reveal your identity or personally-identifiable information.

What PII do I collect from you on this website, and when do I collect it?

The only PII I collect is your name, email address, and your website URL. I only collect this data when and if you voluntarily submit it through my contact, comment, and subscription forms. (Note: You must be at least 13 years old to use these forms.)

How do I use your PII?

I use PII to facilitate your subscriptions to this blog, and to enable me to repond to your comments and inquiries.

What information does collect about you?

This website is powered by and they may also collect information about you. Learn more by reading the WordPress Privacy Policy.

Duration of Data

Your Data may be retained indefinitely.

Or until you invoke your GDPR right to be forgotten by removing or updating your Personal Data, or request to have it done.

How to cancel your subscription and remove related data.

Only you can update or cancel your subscriptions and related data, both for following this blog or for following comments from this blog. To cancel or update your subscriptions click on the appropriate link: WordPress users | Those without a WordPress account.

How to request removal of your comments and related data.

Contact me to have your comments and data updated or removed.

Data you have submitted through my Contact Page.

I delete all inquiries submitted through my contact page once I have responded to them, so there is no need for you to take further action.

To request removal of your data collected by

If you’d like to have remove data they may have collected about you read their GDPR policy.

Data Sharing and Law Enforcement

I do not share, trade, or sell data.

I may, however, divulge data to LAW ENFORCEMENT, at my own discretion or if required to do so by law.

Embedded Content

I may at times embed content, like videos, from other websites (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)

Clicking or viewing embedded content is the same as if you had visited that site, and is subject to their cookie and privacy policies, especially if you are a logged-in user.

My use of embedded content does not necessarily imply my endorsement of those sites, their owners, or their content.

Links to External Sites

Clicking a link may take you to an external website.

My use of such content does not necessarily imply my endorsement of those sites, their owners, or their content.

Changes to this Privacy Policy:

I may change this policy from time to time, either as I deem necessary or as required by law. Please check regularly for updates. And if you have questions regarding this policy, feel free to contact me.

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