Missional Living

The Christian and Immigrants [Video]

According to Amnesty International there are 26 million refugees worldwide, half of which are children. If we add to that the estimated 272 million international migrants, that’s a lot of people moving around. And turning up right at our doorstep!


Hidden in Silence: Movie Review

I don’t know about you, but finances can get pretty tight around here. Our outings usually mean strolling up the street on Saturday night for wonderful piping hot pizzas from our favorite pizzeria-hangout, The Red Wolf. Eating out (unless you go elegant or eat a lot) is really pretty inexpensive here. We can get two round pizzas, water, and wine for about $10!! And I’m talking GOOD pizza! 🙂


A Lesson from the Beautiful Gate

The lame beggar lay near what was known as the Beautiful Gate. A name which indicated the beauty of its workmanship and material. The temple had gates on all sides, nine in total, each beautifully covered with silver and gold.