The Coming of Mr. Pemberton: A Christmas Tale

I surely never expected the evening to end as it did…

Everyone wondered, and no one knew. Knew who Mr. Pemberton was, that is. Oh, they all knew of the Pemberton family. The older residents, at least. The crotchety old man who used to throw things at them as kids. And just for passing his house! Not because they’d stolen his apples or anything. They never dared to!

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Bringing Christ Back into Christmas

Three lessons from Mary and Joseph on preparing our hearts to truly celebrate Christ this holiday season.

It starts earlier and earlier every year, the hype and commercialism. Christmas stuff and Halloween gore side-by-side in stores. Ads, articles, commercials and movies all conspiring, seemingly, to make us think we’re missing out on the perfect Christmas. 

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Embracing Life’s Winter

I’m grateful to no longer live in the land of always winter – that was my home state of Michigan. (At least that’s how it often seemed!) Always winter, but with Christmas! I much prefer southern Italy, where winters are mild and rare snow quickly melts. Only on our distant mountains does it last all winter.

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Travels, Mishaps and Retirement

We’ve been back home a month now, after covering nearly 1500 miles (2400 km) this summer. Only to end up falling down a step and spraining my ankle, and now I’m laid low with an icky cold! So I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s better for me to just keep traveling all the time. 😀 Or healthier, at any rate!

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Longing for Home: Do we Miss it Enough?

Sometimes after a long time away, I find myself longing for home. (HOME. Isn’t that a beautiful word?) And although always greatly appreciative of the hospitality we’re offered, as miles and days pass my longing for home steadily increases. Even when visiting family and friends we don’t often get to see.

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Good News (Except to Slow Living)

Are Italy’s remote mountain villages finally entering the modern world?

Though it likely won’t seem like good news to anyone but us, we are thrilled! It’s as though our summer village has entered the modern world. Our phone internet works, and using it as a hot spot, I’m even able to do this post on my computer!!

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Come Take a Trip With Us {and Hidden Blessings}

June for us is a busy month. Hubby is busy finishing up his English classes. While I scurry about getting ready for our summer travels, as we usually visit and catch up with friends and churches. We’ll be traveling quite a bit this summer too, as usual. And I really wish you could join us!

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Our Towns: Where is Home?

Our Towns is really our Tale of Two Houses. Ah, the complex fascination of expat life (challenging, frustrating, but so blessed)! In fact, new acquaintances often ask, “So where are you from?” Our response? “Um, have you got an easier question?”

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