God’s Love in a Kitten, Part 2

God often works, and shows his love, in mysterious ways. And at times through such ordinary happenings we mistake them for mere chance or circumstance. Like the time he used a mamma cat’s unusual behavior to encourage our grandchildren.

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Two Months Without Internet

Think you couldn’t go two months without internet? Just think of all you’re missing out on by not unplugging…

Could you handle two months without internet?

Long ago (or so it seems) in pre-Covid days, we would spend most of the summer visiting friends and churches or down in our summer home. And most of the time without internet, going without for even two months!

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Don’t you Know You Are Beautiful? [Video]

Anyone who knows me knows that I generally avoid advertising like the plague. I just don’t want all the hype trying to get me to buy a bunch of stuff I don’t need and don’t have room for! But I stumbled on this video from DoveĀ® some time ago, and found it so encouraging!

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