Bringing Christ Back into Christmas

Three lessons from Mary and Joseph on preparing our hearts to truly celebrate Christ this holiday season.

It starts earlier and earlier every year, the hype and commercialism. Christmas stuff and Halloween gore side-by-side in stores. Ads, articles, commercials and movies all conspiring, seemingly, to make us think we’re missing out on the perfect Christmas. 

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The Right Prayer {Five Minute Friday}

The right prayer? It’s a matter of the heart…

Prayer. What is it? Yes, we know that it’s conversation with our Lord. But what is it, really? Does it need words? Can it have emotions? How should we do it, and what should we expect from it?

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The Village Morning [Five Minute Friday]

As I sit here at the kitchen table, I hear the shepherd just up the hill start his noisy, delapidated truck. It seems quieter this time. Maybe he was able to have more work done on it since our last visit. Or perhaps our closed windows mute the rattle.

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When to Start a New Chapter

Moving on is part of life. Yet I must admit that I don’t always know when to move with it. In my recent post Embracing Life’s Winter, I touched a bit on that. Because now that Hubby is semi-retired, it seems that I’ve come to a turning point.

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Embracing Life’s Winter

I’m grateful to no longer live in the land of always winter – that was my home state of Michigan. (At least that’s how it often seemed!) Always winter, but with Christmas! I much prefer southern Italy, where winters are mild and rare snow quickly melts. Only on our distant mountains does it last all winter.

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These Difficult Times: Time to Reset?

At the risk of sounding like a doomsday prophet I’d say difficult times are upon us and bound to get worse. Financial woes, unstable governments, alarming Great Resets, crumbling values. And according to experts, existential health and environmental threats.

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Longing for Home: Do we Miss it Enough?

Sometimes after a long time away, I find myself longing for home. (HOME. Isn’t that a beautiful word?) And although always greatly appreciative of the hospitality we’re offered, as miles and days pass my longing for home steadily increases. Even when visiting family and friends we don’t often get to see.

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Cultivating Contentment in a World of Stuff

I once read the testimony of a family in difficult circumstances and with limited finances, plagued by discouragement and malcontent. Until the day their young son prayed over lunch.

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