Raising Readers in a Technological Era

From the time our children were babies we read to them a lot, identifying pictures in books. Building their vocabularies, along with a love of books, one word at a time. And it paid off! Our daughter could already say many words at 9 months, and by age one spoke in complete phrases! Our son, also an early starter, was just a bit behind his sister. 

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Italian Newspapers: Thoughts of the Past

As a child, I remember my father pouring over the Daily News, our area’s newspaper. Every evening, as ours wasn’t a morning edition, he’d sit in his easy chair, newspaper in hand. Slippers on his feet.

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Italian Towns: A Journey Into the Past

Going around Italian villages is like a journey into the past. Another time, another way of life. Everything speaks of times gone by. From narrow cobblestoned streets, to ancient buildings. With the ever-present scent of wood smoke, transporting the mind to slower days. When entire families gathered round the fire, chestnuts roasting and wine glasses toasting. Secure and safe, like squirrels in their winter’s nest.

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Old and Abandoned: On Homes Forgotten

As we travel about the countryside, old abandoned houses like this are a sight we often see. And they never fail to fill my heart with sadness. A sort of longing for what must have been. I picture cozy families gathered around the hearth, children playing in the garden. And entire families gathering produce from once-flourishing fields and vineyards.

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The Gift of Mamma’s China

Some time ago, I came across a post which intrigued me: Which Lord of the Rings Personality Are You? I’d heard of personality types and tests, but dismissed them as a lot of nonsense. But The Lord of the Rings? They had me hooked there! 

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Their First Look at the Americans

One by one they filed in, sitting around the smoky fire in the dark, dingy room. The entire village, it seemed, wanted a look at the Americans. While I in turn, through teary, smoke-filled eyes, examined them. Our new town folk, for this was our new home.

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