Do You Suffer With Affluenza? [Video]

Quite possibly you’re sitting there wondering “What in the world IS Affluenza?” I did too when I first heard of it! INfluenza I knew all too well! But I had only just heard of Affluenza, a term mainly used by critics of consumerism. Here’s how it’s described in the book, Affluenza: The All-consuming Epidemic.

History Anyone? Absolutely! [Video]

If you’re a history buff like me, you’ll love Absolute History’s Youtube channel! They offer fun and informative videos which present history in an entertaining way. Not only do they recount Britian’s history, covering the Tudor, Stuart, and Victorian eras, but much more. Including world history from the Ancient World, through the Middle Ages, andContinue reading “History Anyone? Absolutely! [Video]”

Where Thrift Reigns: The Italian Village of Thrift

Do you rush out to buy new or have you learned the art of making do? My husband’s hometown is a village where thrift reigns. The people there have long been used to making do. The current trend toward simplicity and frugality is so normal for them, they would ask “Is there any other way?”