Even One Like Her: A Short Story

“Come and see the man who told me everything I’ve ever done…”

She walked a lonely road, water jug hoisted on her shoulder, that Samaritan woman. During the heat of the day she made the trek, her solitary trek, to the village well. Only when certain the others had returned to their own homes did she venture out. They didn’t welcome her company. No more than she, knowing they despised her, cared for theirs. 

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These Difficult Times: Time to Reset?

At the risk of sounding like a doomsday prophet I’d say difficult times are upon us and bound to get worse. Financial woes, unstable governments, alarming Great Resets, crumbling values. And according to experts, existential health and environmental threats.

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Oh, to be Color Blind… [Lockdown News]

No, I’m not actually wishing to be color blind. (That would be crazy.) My husband really is color blind and it doesn’t seem like much fun. Not dangerous, or risky for health, or anything like that.

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Healed By One Touch: A Short Story

Wiping her brow and fixing her scarf to better shield her fair skin, Tamar couldn’t help but wonder. “Why can’t I look like other girls, and be like them?” Then bit her tongue for even thinking such a thing. 

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After Lockdown

We’ve been in and out of lockdown here in Italy more times than I count. And though they’ve varied in severity, they all have several things in common. They’re inconvenient and unpleasant. But even worse, they have been a great theft of our personal freedom and liberty. And from my observations, they haven’t worked.

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Hope for Shattered Dreams

Many plans and dreams have gone by the wayside during these days of pandemic emergency. My good friend, Dayle over at Tip of My Iceburg, shared how the porch they’d planned, saved, and dreamed for finally came true. Except the porch built to hold lots of family and friends now sits empty, but for the two of them.

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The New Normal? It’s Not God’s Way!

Things have been, and still are, pretty rough here in Italy through this coronavirus time. And not just because we’ve had such a high rate of cases and deaths. But because in addition to the usual restrictions, like social distancing, masks, gloves, diminished freedom, company closures, and loss of jobs – our restrictions have been extra confining, making life a bit depressing.

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