Amusing Moments with Neighbors

Many of our neighbors are elderly, and most of them are simple folk who didn’t get much chance of schooling. They’re smart, with a lot of hard-earned common sense. But they often find themselves out-of-touch and a bit lost with today’s rapid changes and technology. They tend to stick to how they’ve always done this. And this can make for some pretty crazy conversations!

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Even Animals Speak Italian!

Did you know animals can even speak foreign languages? (Whoever said they were ‘dumb,’ anyway?)

Ask any child what the chicken says and he or she is sure to say “Cluck, cluck.” Unless of course, that child happens to speak another language. For you see, animals speak different languages, depending on where they live!

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Italy’s Land of Narnia

Narni: the real-life Italian town that inspired Narnia!

We have great fun asking kids, “Did we ever tell you about the day we went to Narnia?” Their wide-eyed astonishment is usually followed by, “Ha ha, think you can fool me?” But it’s true! We visited Narnia, right here in Italy!

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Cilento’s Caciocavallo Cheese

This Italian delicacy is sure to keep you coming back for more!

Caciocavallo cheese, made from the milk of the famous Podolica cattle of southern Italy, is hard to beat! Hubby’s area in Cilento (in the mountains of Salerno) is full of these grass-fed cows. The meat is 100% organic, only grass-fed and so good. And the cheese! Well, it’s simply out of this world!

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You Might Be Italian If…

Have you ever wondered if you might have Italian roots? Find out with this simple test!

Ever wondered if you might possibly have Italian roots somewhere in your family? Sometimes you can tell by your last name. But if you’re not sure, try this humorous test to discover if you are Italian, or at least Italian at heart!

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St. Martin’s Day and Italy’s Roman Summer

After San Martino’s Day, you can be sure that winter will start marching our way…

San Martino is celebrated on November 11, the day of his burial in Tours, France. But San Martino also refers to the unseasonably warm weather Italy usually enjoys in the month’s first half! Which, according to folklore, is due to a good deed this Roman saint performed.

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The Italian Autumn: What to Expect

Chestnuts, oranges, apples and nuts are all sure things. But want to guess what things you won’t find?

Crackly leaves underfoot. Whiffs of wood smoke wafting on the air. Pumpkins and apples. Chestnut roasting. There’s a cozy feeling to Autumn, isn’t there? And these are just a few of the things you can expect to find in an Italian autumn. Maybe you’ll get lucky and catch some grape harvesting or olive picking. Two special events of an Italian autumn! Learn more about olive harvest with my post about Italy’s Olive Harvest

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The Village Morning [Five Minute Friday]

As I sit here at the kitchen table, I hear the shepherd just up the hill start his noisy, delapidated truck. It seems quieter this time. Maybe he was able to have more work done on it since our last visit. Or perhaps our closed windows mute the rattle.

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Italy’s Autumn and Olive Harvest

Autumn in Italy! Grape harvest and wine making, olive gathering, and oil pressing. Ah, this is autumn in Italy! And right in our own garden, at that! Hubby harvests our olives — the time-honored way. Hand-picked, one-by-one. He probably wouldn’t want to try it with a hundred trees, but with our two it’s not too bad. 

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