The Golden Rule of Simplifying

Life can get pretty complicated, can’t it? So why add a messy house to the mix? That’s what I tell friends when they comment on how clean and tidy they always usually find my house. “But how do you do it?” they wonder. ” By following my Golden Rule of simplifying,” I tell them.

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The Giant, Odor-Free Minimalist Travel Towel,

Try the huge, but compact Turkish Peshtemal that only gets softer and fluffier with successive washings!

Do you have a problem with smelly towels? We always did, but no more! Over here, especially during rainy season, towels take a long time to dry. So unless washed after each use, they turn sour-smelling, and so unpleasant to use!

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One-Bag Travel: Packing List

My complete one-bag-travel packing list can help you travel super light. And yet never lack for a single thing!

In sharing why we Travel With Just a Carry-on each, I also shared that traveling so light seemed utterly impossible to me. And that’s because I’m the type of person who likes being prepared for anything and everything! An organizer and champion list maker, I’d jot down everything imaginable and drag it along. Only to realize that we never even used a lot of it! 

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Travel with Just a Carry On

Why exhaust yourself dragging too much stuff along? Regain freedom by traveling with just one carry-on!

Seeing how travel restrictions are easing in some places (and because we’ll soon be departing too) I’m dusting off my travel skills. Which means I’m pleased to present what I’ve discovered about carry-on travel!

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Making Posts Printer Friendly [Video]

Have you tried printing your posts, using the WordPress standard print sharing service? I have, and didn’t care much for the outcome. Or perhaps you’re wondering, “Why would I (or anyone else) want to print my posts?”

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