The Italian Autumn: What to Expect

Chestnuts, oranges, apples and nuts are all sure things. But want to guess what things you won’t find?

Crackly leaves underfoot. Whiffs of wood smoke wafting on the air. Pumpkins and apples. Chestnut roasting. There’s a cozy feeling to Autumn, isn’t there? And these are just a few of the things you can expect to find in an Italian autumn. Maybe you’ll get lucky and catch some grape harvesting or olive picking. Two special events of an Italian autumn! Learn more about olive harvest with my post about Italy’s Olive Harvest

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When to Start a New Chapter

Moving on is part of life. Yet I must admit that I don’t always know when to move with it. In my recent post Embracing Life’s Winter, I touched a bit on that. Because now that Hubby is semi-retired, it seems that I’ve come to a turning point.

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Embracing Life’s Winter

I’m grateful to no longer live in the land of always winter – that was my home state of Michigan. (At least that’s how it often seemed!) Always winter, but with Christmas! I much prefer southern Italy, where winters are mild and rare snow quickly melts. Only on our distant mountains does it last all winter.

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