Simplest Weekly Menu, Ever!

Everything I ever knew about cooking I learned from my Italian mother-in-law! (Wouldn’t that have made a great title!?) Except it’s not true. 🤔 Since I already knew how to cook, I didn’t need lessons from Mamma Anna. But she did teach me menu planning, albeit indirectly. And I have learned a lot about cookingContinue reading “Simplest Weekly Menu, Ever!”

These Difficult Times: Time to Reset?

At the risk of sounding like a doomsday prophet I’d say difficult times are upon us and bound to get worse. Financial woes, unstable governments, alarming Great Resets, crumbling values. And according to experts, existential health and environmental threats.

Do You Suffer With Affluenza? [Video]

Quite possibly you’re sitting there wondering “What in the world IS Affluenza?” I did too when I first heard of it! INfluenza I knew all too well! But I had only just heard of Affluenza, a term mainly used by critics of consumerism. Here’s how it’s described in the book, Affluenza: The All-consuming Epidemic.