Tell Me More: 7 Tips on Sharing Your Faith

Italy’s public medicine is a big blessing to us! Without it we would have at times had to go without medical care. We appreciate having good care and treatment at no or low out-of-pocket costs. But it’s always been our family dottori (doctors) that we most value. 


4 Principles for Taming the Tongue

Communication has existed from before the beginning of time. And it began with God, when he created everything, through speech. He simply spoke and it all came into being.


The Journey of Growth Takes Change

Every journey requires change. A change of place, of motion, of position. It takes leaving, surrender, and a leap into the unknown. So a few people (like me) relish change, but more seem to actually fear or dread it. Which is understandable. Jumping off cliffs, so to speak, can be scary!


Old and Abandoned: On Homes Forgotten

As we travel about the countryside, old abandoned houses like this are a sight we often see. And they never fail to fill my heart with sadness. A sort of longing for what must have been. I picture cozy families gathered around the hearth, children playing in the garden. And entire families gathering produce from once-flourishing fields and vineyards.