Simple Living for Retirement

Retirement anymore seems just around the corner for us. Yikes! And because of certain life-style choices we’ve made, we’re starting to think they will be interesting years, to say the least. Not that we’ll be alone. It’s fairly common for folks to find themselves in reduced circumstances during retirement years. 

Schedule Some Simplicity

Do you have a hard time sticking to schedules? Or do you feel as though you’re always busy, yet never accomplishing much? I sure do, and working at home makes it even more difficult. So I’ve longed for a schedule, system, or something that would be simple enough to remember and implement, yet effective. AndContinue reading “Schedule Some Simplicity”

When Opportunity Knocks {Bible School}

You may have noticed I’ve been somewhat MIA here lately. Well, that’s because opportunity knocked – and kept on knocking! I’ve gone back to school (yes, at my age)! And because it’s been years decades since I’ve taken any formal training I’m finding it a bit challenging to say the least!

A Full and Happy Life [Video]

Some time ago I discovered this video and story it recounts of a simple fisherman really spoke to my heart. Because in talking with people I see more and more that many are dissatisfied with life. Either they don’t like the direction their life is going, or feel their life is directionless. And I thinkContinue reading “A Full and Happy Life [Video]”

The Benefits of Italian Slow Living

When I explain how our years here in Italy have taught us to slow down, enjoy life, and have even more time for all that we love, I find many who want to escape the stress and frazzled nerves (or the sometimes meaningless treadmill) of the fast lane. We want a meaningful life that countsContinue reading “The Benefits of Italian Slow Living”