Welcome to My Towns

I live in two small Italian towns!

Hubby and I have been living in Italy for nearly 32 years. In 2009 we moved from northern Italy to Abruzzo where we purchased and rennovated a tiny home in the historic center of a small hilltown. This is where we dwell most of the year because Hubby is still teaching ESL (English as a second language).

Then in 2012 we took over management of Hubby’s ancestral home in an even tinier town, which also needed a good deal of fixing up. Still further south in the Campania region, it’s where we stay (mostly) summers and holidays. And toy with the idea of doing a spending half the year after retirement.

My main home – Abruzzo

My main town nestles among rolling green hills, dotted with vineyards and olive groves. Bordered by the Adriatic Sea on one side and snow-capped mountains on the other, both of which we see from our little garden! Sparsely populated and known as Wild Abruzzo, it’s rich in tradition, great food, and warm, friendly people!

My summer home – Campania

My summer village, where Hubby was born, hides away in the lonely remote mountains of the Cilento area. An area of almost haunting beauty, with little work, few people, and even fewer amenities.

Located in a national park bordered by the Gulf of Salerno to the west, the Cilento area is mostly mountainous with tiny disappearing villages. It’s laid-back, peaceful, and the ideal setting for immersing yourself in Italy’s slow living.

Thank you!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you’ll come back often! In the meantime, learn more about small town Italian living: Life in Small Town Italy.

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